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Façade of NATO headquarters at night

In 1999 the official decision was made to build a new NATO headquarters. Nineteen years later, on March 19, 2018, this ambitious project entered its final phase with more than 4,000 NATO employees gradually crossing the street. Three months later, by the end of June, all 29 Allies have moved in.

Since the construction of the old NATO headquarters in 1967, the number of NATO Member States has almost doubled (from 15 to 29) and several partner countries have opened diplomatic representations. As a result, the previous headquarters became considerably overcrowded and the maintenance costs increased accordingly.

The new NATO headquarters stands ready for potential further enlargement and was designed to face the challenges of the future. For example, the new headquarters has advanced information and communication technologies. In addition, a great deal of attention was paid to sustainability and environmental friendliness. It catches the eye with its 72,000 m2 of well-insulated and sun-resistant glass surface that keeps energy consumption down.

After an intensive preparation, the move-in ran smoothly. The Belgian delegation continues to play its role as host nation in the new, modern and green NATO headquarters.

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